How to treat itchy hemorrhoids fast and effectively

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How to treat itchy hemorrhoids fast and effectively


Well it is my personal experience it is more difficult to deal with itchy hemorrhoids then to deal with painful hemorrhoids. The situation gets worse when painful hemorrhoids start itching especially when you are surrounded by number of people. This situation is very embarrassing, I have been in this situation myself couple of times. The itching sensation is so intense that you cannot concentrate on anything else but your mind says first deal with these itchy hemorrhoids.

Don’t look for temporary treatment for hemorrhoids instead understand why hemorrhoids are itchy and then only you will be able to find the right way to treat itchy hemorrhoids.

Why hemorrhoids are itchy?

Well if you want to know in detail why you are having itchy hemorrhoids then you should undergo hemorrhoids examination with a doctor. But on a general terms it is observed that hemorrhoids can become itchy because of any of below reasons

(a) Knowingly or unknowingly you eat food that is spicy or eat too much of hot sauces.

(b) Itching or irritation in hemorrhoids can also be due to presence of moisture in that area. This moisture can be due to diarrhea, sweating or any type of yeast infection.

(c) External hemorrhoids are more itchy compare to internal hemorrhoids as they are located outside your anus and they keep touching your cloths which lead to itching.

What “Not to do” with itchy hemorrhoids?

Being hemorrhoids patient since last 10 years along with sharing best treatments for hemorrhoids I can also tell you what NOT TO DO with itchy hemorrhoids.

(a) When you are already having hard times with painful and bleeding hemorrhoids, try avoiding spicy and heavy food which is difficult to digest like meat, cheese, frozen meals etc.

(b) Don’t let moisture to gather near your anus, keep the area dry, clean it well with water and dry it properly before you wear cloths.

(c) Don’t wear untidy cloths specially your undergarments, try wearing cotton underwear so you sweat less.

(d) I know how it feels when hemorrhoids gets really itchy, but try to control yourself and avoid touching or scratching your hemorrhoids.

Treatment for itchy hemorrhoids.

When you are looking for fast relief from itchy hemorrhoids then you must follow any of below methods as they will give you quick relief from hemorrhoid pain and itching sensation.

(a) Do Sitz bath. Yes you read it right. Just prepare a tub with nice lukewarm water, add any hemorrhoid oil or medicine (not necessary) and step into the tub and soak your butt and affected area for around 20 minutes. Step out and then clean your anus with clean towel and make the area dry, by doing this you will instantly feel relief from itchy hemorrhoids.

(b) When you don’t have time to take sitz bath then you can use medicated wipes which will give you instant relief from hemorrhoid pain and itchiness. I personally use Preparation H wipes for hemorrhoids when I am in rush and want to deal with itching and paining hemorrhoids.

(c) Another instant remedy for itchy hemorrhoids is using RectaSmoothe hemorrhoidal anesthetic crème, this cream has lidocaine which helps in giving you instant and long lasting relief in hemorrhoid itching.

(d) This new natural medicine called Formule H is also very promising treatment for hemorrhoids, it not only helps you in treating itchy hemorroids but also gives you long term relief from bleeding hemorrhoids.

(e) I consider this as home remedy for itchy hemorrhoids, just take a small piece of cotton and gently, very gently rub your hemorrhoids, this way you will get two benefits, Firstly it will give relief from itchiness and secondly it will clean the affected area.

Some of the methods I have mentioned above are used by me personally so they are very safe and effective, thought this methods give temporary relief from hemorrhoids pain and itchiness, I strongly recommend that you use some best hemorrhoids cream which will give you long lasting effect.

Please do let me know if you have any query or suggestions regarding itchy hemorrhoids.

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