How to use Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids ? In-depth Guide

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How to use Witch Hazel For Hemorrhoids ?

in depth guide about how to use witch hazel for hemorrhoids

What is Witch hazel?

Witch hazel refers to an herbal plant that has a lot of tannins in it, This plant has great astringent qualities due to this high level of tannins. Astringent is a substance that help in drawing the skin tissues together. In short, it helps in tightening open skin pores. It also aids in removal of excess oil from the skin.

Witch hazel also contains some other natural substances which help in counteracting inflammatory conditions. These substances also help in soothing itchy or irritating skin. The astringent found in witch hazel also plays a role in tightening veins that have swollen abnormally. It also cools down any achiness that result from this swelling.

Witch hazel comes in different forms such as hemorrhoid pads, lotions and suppositories. You can apply this product directly on your swollen hemorrhoids to calm them. You can also take it internally and get the same results. The natural compounds that are found in hazel witch are also capable of preventing bleeding of wounds. This also applies to bruised hemorrhoids. You can try any of the below product, they are made from natural elements including witch hazel and will have no side effects.

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All you need to do is apply it directly on the target area Hemorrhoids refer to swollen veins that are found in the anal canal. They are either found inside or outside the body. They are normally caused by application of excessive pressure on the veins. This swelling due to pressure happen because of being overweight, during pregnancy or due to bowel movement. However, you don’t have to panic since this condition can be resolved using home treatments. Some of the common symptoms include: irritation, itching and swelling of the anal area

How to use Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids?

Below is step by step procedure on how you can use witch hazel for hemorrhoids:

1) Clean the anal area. You should first clean your anal area before thinking of any treatment. The best way to keep your anal area is by taking a shower or bathe every day. This ensures there is no waste accumulation on your anal area Bathes are the best since they allow a longer exposure of the anal area to warm water. You don’t necessarily have to use soap. Ensure you clean this area gently since too much pressure will worsen the situation.

2) Dry the anal area. Once you have cleaned this area properly, the next step is to ensure that it is dried properly. You should never use a towel to do this This is a mistake many people make. A towel will end up applying more pressure on the veins thus worsening the situation. You should use a hair drier instead. If you don’t have a hair drier, place some cotton wool on your anal area and let it soak out the water.

3) Preparation of the witch hazel astringent. It involves extracting the herbal concoction from the leaves or bark of the witch hazel plant. The easiest way to do this is by grinding the bark and leaves of this plant then sieving the content and mixing it with water. If you don’t want to undergo all this grinding and sieving struggle, visit a drug store and buy a ready-made concoction.

4) Use an absorbent clothing or cotton Surgical cottons are the best for this use They will save you from the struggle of having to pick out small parts of cotton from the normal cottons. Once you have the right portion of cotton, dip it in the Witch Hazel astringent then apply it directly to the hemorrhoids. Ensure you keep this cotton on the affected part for three minutes. Get another batch of cotton and repeat the same process on the same part. Get another batch of cotton dipped in witch hazel and apply on the anus again after a bowel movement. You should do this 15 minutes after you defecate. Repeat for at least 2 to 3 days. You should also repeat the above procedure before you go to sleep. This will expose the hemorrhoids to witch hazel overnight thus leading to faster healing. You should let the anal area dry first before thinking of putting any clothes. This will prevent your clothes from soaking the witch hazel from this area

5) Use the Suppositories Sometimes, using the cotton dipped witch hazel doesn’t give the required results. You should not be worried though since there is another effective strategy. This involves use of suppositories. It is recommended that you insert one suppository into your anus daily until the hemorrhoids disappear. This allows the hemorrhoids to be exposed to Witch Hazel for longer duration. Another advantage of using suppositories is their ability to treat internal hemorrhoids. This is because they are inserted into the anus.

6) Avoid any cases of constipated tools. Constipated tools lower the efficiency of Witch Hazel. You should thus try to avoid them from forming as much as you can for quick results. The best way of doing this is by changing your diet. Ensure that you increase intake of fluids and fiber. You should also take a bowel movement whenever there is an urge to do so. However, don’t force a bowel movement since this will strain the hemorrhoids.

Where to buy witch hazel ?

If you are wondering where you will get this product from, the answer is very simple. You can buy witch hazel based cream from here. If you don’t like going the natural way, buy the plant’s leaves or bark and grind them to get the extract. The choice is all yours so choose whatever suites you


Note that witch hazel is like any other medicine out there. Therefore, you have to follow the right procedures as described above for you to get the right results. However, if you use witch hazel for a long period without getting any positive results, it is advisable that you consult your doctor or you can try other hemorrhoid creams. There might be a possibility that you are suffering from other ailments thinking that its hemorrhoids. Actually the best approach is first visiting a doctor for examination before trying a home remedy. This way you can be sure of what you are dealing with it in right manner.

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